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 Posted: Fri Feb 28th, 2014 07:33 pm
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George Durbin

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Tim Marks wrote: Dean Steinhaus wrote: I have no doubt that the kidney gear box and cover are very time consuming to make. My hat is off to anyone out there that has the knowledge and equipment to make them! Personally, I would be willing to give 500.00 for one of Dave Dalsin's Kidney gear boxes.
If anyone has the knowledge, equipment, time and is willing to make about 30 of them, I believe you could make a profit.

Are you interested in buying 30? Do you need gears? Do other people need gears? Throw gears into the mix and at $500 there's no way to profit on it.

If the gear box is gone so are the gears! If someone can mass produce the box and gears the cost would still  be better spent on a complete kidney? Having said that, I have 3 kidneys no case or gears.... Mass produce? How many would you need to mass produce to get the price down? It would take a CNC machine punching these things out to get the cost down. Then the gear sets will still need to be produced...I am not sure the answer here for kidneys... If you could get $2K for a kidney maybe you could justify it. I think the gent making them before did it for the love of it because even at $2-$300 i dunno how they make up for their time or cost. Did those kidneys include the gear set inside?