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 Posted: Sat Mar 1st, 2014 09:59 pm
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Jay Fontanella

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Thomas Peters wrote: I will start with a heresy among fan people. 
Make a gear box cover and gear box out of a modern plastic. It could be injection molded, or might even be produced with a 3-D copier.
Honestly, as far  as  strength, it would probably equal or might even exceed an original pot metal job.
Being out of plastic, it should also benefit from minimal shrinkage.
Once painted, no one should ever know what it was made from, just by casual observation.

Allright, here come the slings  and arrows.


You deserve no daggers for suggesting a good economical and probably very viable solution to the kidney issue. I even thought of it myself as I have been debating about buying a 3d printer and trying to think of all the projects I wanted to do with it to get my monies worth out of it. However, as much as you are correct that no one would ever know, I personally cant get past the plastic being bolted on to my iron fan. It almost flies in the face of what the old fans represent, to me anyway. I believe they are coming out with a metal casting 3d printer, or they may have already. Its been awhile since I reasearched it.