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 Posted: Mon Mar 3rd, 2014 01:11 am
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Doug Handley

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Thomas Peters wrote: I will start with a heresy among fan people. 
Make a gear box cover and gear box out of a modern plastic. It could be injection molded, or might even be produced with a 3-D copier.
Honestly, as far  as  strength, it would probably equal or might even exceed an original pot metal job.
Being out of plastic, it should also benefit from minimal shrinkage.
Once painted, no one should ever know what it was made from, just by casual observation.

Allright, here come the slings  and arrows.

I think that this is a dang good idea for at least the gearbox.  I feel sure (with my limited knowledge) this could be done.  I have read of people printing working firearms with the plastic 3-D printers.  I would have no problem with a plastic gearbox if it got my fan to oscillate.