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 Posted: Tue Mar 4th, 2014 03:43 pm
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Tim Pettman


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Sorry guys. I have been very busy lately with a lot going on. I have the molds that Dave had. He is no longer reproducing them as has been stated. I am intending to get to it later this spring. I am still looking for a casting facility that will do bronze in the area, as well as some other details to make this work. As has been stated by Darryl and others, it is a tremendous amount of work. The castings right out of the mold need several hours of work. They need internal machining/cleanup, holes drilled, etc. I do not have any gears or shafts as such, so you would be on your own for that part of it. I have no idea yet as to the cost of the "box and lid" only, but will post as soon as i do.  T