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 Posted: Thu Mar 6th, 2014 03:16 pm
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Kim Frank

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Back in late 2010, I sold off my collection of GE tank motored fans. There were Jandus, FWEW, Diehl, Eck, Hunter, and all the BMY variants. I also sold my Sidewinders and C frame. I sold all four of the Kidneys, 2 Loophandles and 2 ring trunnions, examples in 12 and 16 inch. The Kidneys weren't real money makers, in the $300 -400 range. I could have parted them out and made more money. I would figure a 12 Kidney oscillator missing it's gear box is worth $150 -$200. Now buy a bronze or aluminum gear box ( I paid $250 for the aluminum and the same for the bronze one) so now you're in the $400 - 450 range. Go find the gears needed for your box ( I had an extra set that I sold for $250) and the pointer ($50 if you're lucky) and now you're in the $700 - 750 range. I wouldn't give anything near that for an original condition Kidney oscillator, but with so many new collectors coming on the scene, maybe I'm off the mark....

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