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 Posted: Thu May 15th, 2014 01:51 am
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George Durbin

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Tom Dreesen wrote: "There are pieces of furniture on antiques road show the experts claim it is worth more money because of the water stains, scratches and dents... Really?"

Yes, really.

Twice to 3X more in most cases compared to a refinished piece.

Those experts on the road show? they argue back and forth what an item is worth and those experts DO NOT agree! So many of these items do find their way to well advertised sales, and do not come close to what the road show peeps say... On the other hand some items will sell for many times what "the experts" say... Indian and chinese items are really hot right now and are commanding out of this world prices! Now items that were hot just a few years ago are worth far less... Same item? Why?i have an answer... I will save for later...