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 Posted: Thu May 15th, 2014 01:57 am
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Tom Dreesen

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George Durbin wrote: Tom Dreesen wrote: George Durbin wrote: Tom Dreesen wrote: George Durbin wrote: Tom Dreesen wrote: "There are pieces of furniture on antiques road show the experts claim it is worth more money because of the water stains, scratches and dents... Really?"

Yes, really.

Twice to 3X more in most cases compared to a refinished piece.

I think fans are an exception. Any top shelf resto fan is commanding way more than an unfinished one. I know of no exceptions. Can you site any? You put any 2 identical together that run properly, and the restored one is gonna get more $$... Not so in furniture...

No, not really.

Now we have to talk about rare fans in the 5K plus price range.

Common fans as well as furniture can gain value with a restore.

I want to make this clear... This is a conversation! All is well so far! :)Tom! Or anyone else, show me an example where a nicely restored fan is not worth more than an original in any price range... I have not seen one posted here in the 3 years I have been a member of the AFCA... 

That's the problem Geo.

No one who knows the value of the 5K plus fans would redo them to make them shine unless they were a basket case when found.

Finding 2 to compare is not something I care to search for.

The onus is on you.  You find 2 5K plus fans to compare.  Everyone who collects in this range already knows.

My proof is above! I have done the research... Now if any of the members that buy $5k plus fans want to chime in here, I am listening...

I don't see any comparison.  What research?

Ask Stefan Osdene if he is going to polish his fans.

Should be a good laugh for Stefan.

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