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 Posted: Thu May 15th, 2014 05:02 am
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George Durbin

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Hi William!
Good post! Most early fans as most of you know have rough cast iron finishes where the builders mostly ground off the imperfections and had minimal surface prep pre-paint. This  left the iron pretty rough. So to adjust for the rough finish the thick Japan paint was used to clear up and smooth out the rough molding. And even with the Japanning some were still pretty rough! This saved time and $$... When I see a fan restored, I like the paint job to be nice, but I still like to see the mold imperfections and rough surface like it came from the factory. This is why a good paint application with Rustoleum can put out a very fine looking fan! So if you look closely and see the mold marks under the paint, that is fine for me! We have restorers who can lay on paint that will blind you and you need sunglasses to look at them! That's good too! My father in law painted cars with a brush! You would not see a brush mark when he was finished... He always had plenty of work painting old cars... he always told me it was all in the prep!