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 Posted: Fri May 16th, 2014 08:16 pm
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Michael Rathberger

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Tim Marks wrote: Which would you rather own?

Preserved Original Fan
All original parts, paint finish was hand polished to a shine. Electrical components were sealed, head wire replaced. Blade balanced, etc.

Fully Restored Blingtastic
The works including a motor re-wind.

Both very well done restorations/preservations. I'll take the six wing fan. However, if the Kidney was a six wing fan, I'd take that one. If the 2 star was a 4 wing fan, I would have answered the Kidney.

Neither fan is in the realm of super collectible for me, so it's a toss up, the 6 wings make the difference, I really like the look of them (I also own one of those already).

Another example of my outlook on fans. I hesitated on a little Carelton ball motor at Aiken, it was the coolest little restoration I had seen and a great price. It was gone by the time I looped back. I would have taken that one over any original condition Carelton, but again, not super collectible. There was a Manhatten battery fan there that was fully restored, I passed because I would have preferred a fan like that original. I decided to save my money for Indy.