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 Posted: Fri May 16th, 2014 09:58 pm
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George Durbin wrote: The kidney is soo shiny I cant see the six blades! Any one have a NOS kidney still in an unopened box? Preservation? restoration? We are all dancing around the the answer here. I have a question for Tim and Steve or any one with an opinion... If you have a kidney preserved like the 2-star. And both kidneys setting next to each other on a table at a garage sale. Which one would you price higher?  Or would you price them the same? How would you explain the difference between them? I think both will last a hunnert years?  Right?

I believe without a doubt that if both the fans I pictured above were equal fans, let's say both of them were six-wing kidney fans, that the restored one would sell for considerably higher than the unrestored one. 

I'm willing to say even $1k for the restored one and $500 for the unrestored one. Just a guess based on ebay values in the past.

I think this is an example of more common fans being worth more money restored. The same is not necessarily true with ultra rare fans.


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