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 Posted: Tue May 20th, 2014 05:53 am
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George Durbin

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Tom Dreesen wrote: George Durbin wrote: This thread has sufficiently died and now here is my theory on anything when it comes to something you like or value...:cool:
It is all between your ears what you think something is worth, and what you want to do with it!!:shock:
As a child will always think a nickle is worth more than a dime, its their idea of the world at that time. Some collectors will give more for emersons than ge's and vice-versa. Some think preserved is more valuable than restored. Its their perception! No one is free of this discrimination. Its all between your ears. Look at how many fads have come and gone. While something is hot it is perceived to be worth more, when the fad passes it is worth nearly nothing. Beanie babies, cabbage patch dolls, there are thousands of examples...:? When you say or think "I got to have that" You probably gonna pay too much. Girls, cars, fans, anything popular...:D Go with the flow and enjoy it! Dont deal with the ones you dont like. Always say good things about other collectors here on the forum. Say what you want in private but dont forget you might be recorded!!!:P:P


Your likes or dislikes have only a marginal effect on market forces.

It is simply a fact that most well preserved antiques are worth more, and in most cases, much more than a restored item.

And that's from your wallet, not between your ears.

Be thankful you can pick up de-patinated antiques for a fraction of the patinated version and shine them every night.

Hi  Tom!Nothing has value unless someone wants it! Perceived or other wise. It could be a rare one of a kind rock on a beach and until someone wants or desires it, it will be worth nothing...Geo...