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 Posted: Tue May 20th, 2014 06:10 am
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John Rothrock

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George Durbin wrote:

A friend of mine bought me a fan at a garage sale for a $10 spot. I gave him $20. Sold it to a collector for $80 She sold it to another collector for $160. This guy sold it to a flea market vendor for $200... Some guy off the street bought it for $250... Poor ba**ard died... His widow didn't like the fan and sold it at her garage sale for $10. My friend gave her a $10 spot and sold it to me for $20..........................

the circle of life...

I have been going to a few auctions lately and you always see the old guy who's buying quantity on everything that goes cheap, wonder if in 10 years I'll be going to his sale and buying that same stuff, then in about 30 years somebody will come to my estate sale and steal all my treaures