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 Posted: Tue May 20th, 2014 08:12 pm
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I'd want both of the fans above, but the original would be my preference if I could only have one.
I like finely restored items of all sorts, beautifully preserved originals, and well-worn but cared for originals, and old restorations.  Everything has its place.
My favorite fan is the Century below and I only plan to replace the cord and headwire, and the Tank ties with the Trojan below for a very close second place;

I don't "like" the rust on the base of the Century, but I also feel it gives it character.
It reminds me of an article I read about Carroll Shelby.   He could drive anything he wanted, but his favorite car was an un-restored 289 Cobra with polished, but cracked paint and a well-worn drive-line.

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