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 Posted: Tue May 20th, 2014 09:38 pm
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George Durbin

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Steve Stephens wrote: George Durbin wrote:
Yeah... I will edit that statement... "and adjusted the contacts on the rotor!" They are touchy in their adjustments!.

Contacts to the rotor?  That's an AC motor and I don't know where there would be contacts.  Maybe you mean to the start switch?

To be truthful I don't care for polished high gloss japan on old fans and have come to decide that after getting some fans which have been so treated.  But you did a nice job on the fan and saving the paint.  I've gotten to the point of being reluctant to clean japan too much for fear that it will be too glossy (which it probably was when new but maybe not quite so much as if polished).

Also, Century cast iron fan blades and cage were not polished when new, they had a type of gilt finish as did most GEs from 1908 to 1915.  Too much polished brass is overpowering to me and takes away the antique look for me.

If that very expensive fan "for its time" was in an enviornment, or any other fan for that matter, and the owner cleaned their home and dusted and took some time, It was cleaned, buffed and waxed! I will let these blades and cage patina a little. Fans were a luxury! People took care of them... I would say fans got most of their abuse probably when second owners took them over or were handed down and the new owners did not respect them or knew how to maintain them,  then! they got run them into the dirt some 50 years later... JMHO...

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