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 Posted: Wed May 21st, 2014 02:04 am
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Tom Dreesen

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Mark Janovec wrote: In my opinion, there is a split market out there for antique fans:

1. There are the collectors who want to assemble a collection of their favorite models. While some of these collectors might sometimes like shiny, fully restored fans, the collectors market often prefers original surfaces whenever possible. These collectors will scour antique shops, flea markets, garage sales, and the internet, hoping to locate specific models at the lowest possible price.

2. There are the non-collectors who are seeking an antique fan as a functional display piece for their home or office. They want a relic of the past that is fully restored and runs reliably, but can serve as a conversation piece (or a functional decoration) for their living space. They don't want 20 different fans...they just want one perfect fan. These buyers aren't necessarily looking for original finish or patina...they often want a glossy shine, a piece that will really catch the eye. And they may be willing to dig deep in their wallet to obtain a nice "show" piece.

While not all fan buyers will neatly fit into either category above, it could explain why shiny restored fans might appeal to one type of buyer, while original paint (and preservation) might appeal to another buyer.

No doubt about it Mark.

But, the real question is one of value as well as esthetics.

And there is no question that when speaking of 5K plus fans, a well preserved *original* fan is worth more than a restored version on the open market.