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 Posted: Tue May 27th, 2014 01:38 am
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Tom Dreesen

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George Durbin wrote: The thing about fans is you must maintain them if your going to run them safely. It is an electrical appliance of course, so you are changing them...Just got back from pig picking yesterday and it was nice weather! Good friends new and old. On the benches were fans of all kinds! Inexpensive fans clear up to the multi thousand dollar fans. That's another good thing about collecting fans, there is a price level for everyone! Every one was doing their own thing. Repairing, restoring at different levels and every one was pitching in and helping each other to get to where the OWNER of the fan thought it should go... When asked what to do with a repair or a restore, advice was given from many members. The OWNER of the fan then decided or will decide what they will do with it. There is NO one right answer!
It's all between your ears...


It is clear you can't understand.

There is a real value difference in excellent original condition 5K plus fans vs restored.

Anyone can do what they want to any item they own.  But please, if you do run across a rare excellent condition anything, offer it for sale before you ruin it.