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 Posted: Tue May 27th, 2014 06:29 am
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George Durbin

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Steve Stephens wrote: This thread got put here by mistake and probably should be moved by the admins.  Or we can think of it as advice about patina when buying and selling fans.  Now it can belong here.  Patina, 1ยข.  Now there is the mandatory posted price for this forum.

George, I think you will find that all of the higher quality R&M fans will all have highly polished brass blades and dipped and lacquered cages from their first AC fans until the end.  What they look like today is what they look like.  What they were when new were all the same I think; polished and lacquered blades, dipped and lacquered cages.

Hi Steve!I agree with what yur sayin. I just know that people back in the day cleaned the lacquer right off those fan blades and many had no maintenance... 100 yr. Old fans can have many owners...