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 Posted: Fri Jun 13th, 2014 09:27 am
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Raeann Rose

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Thank you everyone!! I appreciate your input! Steve, I found your blog to be very interesting!

I have called the number provided on the store's Facebook page several times this week, and each time the guy that answered has promised to check on it and told me to call back later. I didn't even look at the badge when I was in the store and have no idea if it runs (the guy said he "thought so"). He also said he could not lower the price because it is a consignment item. Sigh. He clearly is not interested in shipping the fan to me (and was frankly kind of rude), so I decided I'll just to make the trip Saturday to check it out again.

Is it possible to find a replacement rivet? Thank you for pointing that out by the way, Chris! I probably wouldn't have noticed that.

Fred, I did check Craigslist and saw your listing as I am from Sioux City, IA! I wish I could just purchase the Tank from you.

Thank you again everyone! I will post an update after I either buy it or don't on Saturday!

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