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 Posted: Tue Jul 29th, 2014 10:06 pm
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Steven Gilmore

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George Durbin wrote: Steven Gilmore wrote: I have been looking for a good BMY so I am very interested. Once I get out of work today and get a chance to discuss I will send you a PM. That is if it hasn't been snagged by someone else by that time.

Hi Steve!

Thats why you need to come to Fan Fair. I sold 2 restored! BMY's!! for $175 each!!
they had nice new RED!!!!!!!!!!! Power cords and head wires!!!

I desperately wanted to go to FF this year.  I mean desperately.  Unfortunately work wouldn't let me this year because of something called "response so billy tea.":hammer:   Grrrrr I don't even like Tea.  However I am making sure I make it to next years in Texas.
I wish I could have bought one at that price.  So maybe I guess I should just hold off until next FF as I have a few more MUST HAVES.
My wife has given me the task of finding a 1898 or so 6 blade pancake. :shock: (at least she has great taste).