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 Posted: Wed Jul 30th, 2014 09:55 pm
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Fred Berry

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GREAT Steve, I am certain that you will love your new BMY. These are great, reliable fans. Those motors are indestructible.

I like the later, thinner pancake motors that are true pancakes, especially the one with the coil/switch in the base. Those (to me) are the true pancakes from GE.

1899 was the first (I think) of the thin stator stack. The 1897-98 6-wingers had tremendous stacks, and (again, to me) did not really look like pancakes when viewed from the side and top. Big, thick motors!

Left, 1901-02 style, thinner stator stack and case. Quiet when set to low-speed.

Right, 1898 style with 1-1/2" thick, monster stack and quite powerful 4-pole motor. Blows a hurricane of air and noisy, both low and high.

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