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 Posted: Sat Dec 27th, 2014 12:12 pm
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Cory Baughn

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Well, after finishing my grandmother's fan I am seriously hankering to start on another one that I plan on keeping for myself. 

I really like GE fans as well as Emerson's and R&M's, but anything including Diehl or Western Electric or whatever would be okay with me as long as it has non-bent brass blades, and even a brass cage too would be great if possible. I think the challenge of polishing a cage would be great! I am a fan of oscillators as well, but that isn't completely necessary. I also much prefer cast fan due to their heft and overall strength. Then again if there is a stamped steel fan out there that is nice I am fine with that too, just prefer one over the other a bit at this point. 

I am not looking to spend a large sum of money so a little rough is okay. That is the name of the game I'll have to play until I get out of college in a couple years. If you have something and don't mind throw up a picture here and shoot me a price too. I have been on eBay a lot here recently and everything I have found that I like is crazy expensive. I swear when I was looking at them months ago they were half the price they are right now.  

Thanks fellas, looking forward to getting a fan that I can enjoy everyday too. I am suddenly jealous of my grandmother's! I may move in with her so I can enjoy it too! Ha. 

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