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 Posted: Sun Dec 28th, 2014 09:28 am
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William Dunlap

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I am another admirer of the R&M fans. I only have two at present but I loved restoring them. The individual parts are very well made, almost like jewelry. They have powerful motors and a unique sound. I tell folks they sound like lawn mowers......
Also, many of them were pin-striped which I like since I consider myself adept at doing that. (I learned doing vintage motorcycle paint jobs.)
Most of them are not priced out of sight like so many early Emersons and GE's, although some of the earliest ones fetch high dollars.
I'd like to add a couple of Ge loop handle fans to the hoard, too. A two star would do just fine. They tend to have cheaper paint on them which requires re-painting. No problemo.
Absolutely any Emerson could easily find a new home with me. I am particularly fond of the APG government fan even though it falls outside the Emerson norm and has two bearings instead of one.
Decisions, decisions. Wonderful quandary to  be in.