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 Posted: Sun Dec 28th, 2014 09:39 pm
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Steve Stephens

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Cory Baughn wrote: Here is a GE that I found, but I have no idea what could be wrong with the oscillating mechanism. They are so simple inside there that it must be a stripped gear from what I have seen in pictures of other GE gearboxes -

With this fan I am not sure if the Emerson Jr is desirable, but the little 8" size seems very unique -

I bet that GE brass bell may be ok but the seller has not been able to turn the oscillator knob to the on position.  Those knobs can get so tight that it takes pliers or something to grip the knob well to get it to loosen and turn.  But, maybe not...

The B-Jr is not as quality as the Jr and some run quite hot but I think the 8" B-Jr runs cooler.  Nice fans.  The older Jr. also was made in an 8" oscillator, very nice fans most of the Jrs. and B-Jrs but not up to the higher quality and more features of the high grade Emersons including the 8" and 9" fan.  Love the 19644 especially for its three speeds, small size, all iron and brass, and runs pretty quietly.

Many GEs have a characteristic "GE whine" which I find intrudes into my peace of mind when they are running.  GE pancakes and R&M cast iron fans do not do that.   But I would recommend a GE loop handle, even a BMY and you can see if you like them.