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 Posted: Mon Dec 29th, 2014 04:48 pm
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Fred Berry

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Cory, you are correct, those Emerson collars were made of pot metal and often broke.  The collar on this one is broken as you see.

The 29666 was the last of the large motor Emerson residence fans, though the large motor was used more on the huge 16" models.

Speaking of which, I recommend your first fan to be 12". 16" fans are too large, too noisy, and move way too much air for use in a house, plus they are hard to store because of their large size.

Anything below 12" is too small, though some 10" fans like the Westinghouse Darth Vader move more air than many larger fans. 8" and below are too small, they are fun to restore and run as novelties, but do not move enough air to circulate a room. Fans of that small size were meant as personal fans.

12" is perfect, especially a 6-wing residence fan like the 29666. TJ Downy has made replacement Emerson collars out of steel or aluminum, if I remember correctly. I think Darryl Hudson can make the oscillator arm. Emerson fans are well known for their quality motors which are the most reliable ever made. The distinctive looking 6-wing blade on their residence fans like this 29666 are over the top in looks, one member here referred to them as looking "like a wall of brass". One problem is the cage, which is steel. I know you are looking for a brass cage. Anyhow, large Emerson motors are quite user friendly to work on, and the 6-wingers like this one have a wonderful soft 'white sound' when running, making them good for 'sleep fans'.

The Westinghouse fan here would be a challenge to restore, plus it has alot of pot metal which you do not like.