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 Posted: Mon Dec 29th, 2014 11:34 pm
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Jeff Whitfield

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What about an R&M gearback oscillator ... List No. 1153 (12-inch ) or List No. 1159 (16-inch)?
These are cast iron -- with cast iron oscillator boxes and without the potmetal of GE and Emerson of the same era. They have brass cages, too, but cast iron struts. These fans, pricewise, are comparable to the 29666 in the ebay ad and, IMO, they're better than the 29666. You get more to play with in a restoration.
There's the R&M List No. 3600 (10-inch blade) fan. It's got brass blades, cast iron cage construction and struts whose material is either cast iron or maybe steel. I can't remember.It also has the cast iron oscillator box. Costwise, this fan is less expensive in the $100+ neighorhood, but it's stout and even has brushes.
Potmetal stinks, but GE potmetal is o.k. GE loophandle fans -- Those have potmetal boxes, thick ones, too, and they don't seem to break as often as the exquisitely lousy potmetal of Century fans. Emerson potmetal gearboxes are o.k., too.
The GE Kidney oscillators have those fat potmetal oscillator boxes and those tend to have hidden cracks. I'd think buying a GE Kidney oscillator from a club member would be a far better bet than Ebay. Seems that Kidney oscillators sometimes have a tough time trekking through shipping and arriving unbroken.