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 Posted: Tue Dec 30th, 2014 05:26 am
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Cory Baughn

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I did not make an offer Mr. Dunlap, not yet. He was trying to tell me that he would throw in shipping and the total be $299 but that is just too much for me for a broken fan. I can hold out as long as a month I feel like to wait on something that is complete. For $200-$220 I would've pounced I think.

And Jeff I really like the R&M gear back, I believe that is what Craig had when I went over to his house to have him show me how to fix headwires and have him fix mine on the GE I redid. I will do research right now on the 3600 too. Thank you for the tip on those, I wouldn't have thought that I could've found an R&M gear back for my price range without serious luck.

And yes, pot metal seems to be my bane after that radio. It was a Zenith H723Z, nice looking thing and even has AM/FM from 1950 but man was it a booger to get apart with the huge pot metal indicator needle.

Looking forward to anything and I guess the hunt can be part of the fun with fans. I guess if they all landed in our laps there would be no story behind it, and I'm getting to meet a lot of new folks thru the search which is the bigger win to me.

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