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 Posted: Tue Dec 30th, 2014 11:12 pm
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Steve Stephens

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Cory Baughn wrote:  I didn't notice anything wrong with the Westy cage. What is up with it? 
Cages where the S-wires are pinned into the rear ring are subject to getting broken off at that point if bent and/or straightened.  GE cages from 1901-07 are notorious to have the front of the cage partially or fully broken off from the rear of the cage.  If no shade tree mechanic trys to "fix" those breaks by brazing, soldering, etc. they can be better repaired by shortening the wire where it broke so all wires are the same length and reinserted to the back ring leaving a repair only discernible to those looking for a repair. (GE cages that are 3/16" shorter than normal to be explicit).  Those Westy cage wires break very easily if bent much and straightened.  It's no big deal to have some wires broken off but it's the amateur repair that messes things up and makes it hard to impossible to end up with a good looking cage.  Always look from the side at Westy brass cages to see if any brazing, etc. has been done to the S-wires to the rear ring.