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 Posted: Fri Jan 2nd, 2015 12:17 am
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Steve Stephens

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As long as the seller can remove the blade and cage without damage to them or to the stator windings you may do ok.  If he tries to pack and ship with the blade on he had better be doing it somewhat the way that I do and that is completed but works very well.  I will often take 1-2 hours sending or taking photos to send to a seller as well as writing out detailed and, often maybe too long, "tips" or suggestions on how to pack.  If they read and heed the fan usually comes in without damage.  I've had a few bent back blades/cages because the seller could not remove the blade but shipped it anyway.  Make sure you document your correspondence with the seller so you can get a claim if there is damage.  I have had probably close to 100 fans from ebay with no broken cast iron or metal parts, just some fairly minor damage.  But you can't leave it up to the seller to pack and ship without YOUR input with a lot of suggestions and, if they will allow, phone contact with them to discuss packing.  I always take photos as I unpack an item in case there is damage..  This 1910 Royal typewriter arrived yesterday and was packed as if the factory did it.  Not a hard typewriter to pack and the metal case made it easier but certain thing needed to be done in packing the the seller exceeded my expectations by a large margin.

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