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 Posted: Fri Jan 9th, 2015 10:01 am
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Cory Baughn

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As an update I got a fan fellas! I ended up getting the 29666 and I had bid on, and about the same time a guy I had asked about a small GE 6" H series sent me a message back saying he'd take $50 shipped for it! Given the market on these I've seen recently that seemed like a great deal for a running fan. I plan on restoring it and trying to figure out how that Radio Shack Diode is wired up that Mr. Huber mentions on a few threads. I'll get pictures of them up when they arrive. 

Now that I've got my first fan I guess the "hunt" is over as far as first fans go. I still am looking for a Century Skeletal though and Fred Berry is helping me look as well. Probably my favorite fan besides the rare ones that are out of my reach. The sound they make starting up is just too cool.

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