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 Posted: Mon Mar 9th, 2015 12:58 am
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Bill Hoehn

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Thanks Stefan,

As mentioned and pictured before, P. E. Chapman invented the growler, and practically every motor manufacturer in the world used his winding machines, because they were responsible for 80% of all motors made.

It just closed a few years ago and Warren and I were at the auction and won and were given many things.  Repeating myself but I still have the prototype Emerson winding machine that he used.  It was half buried in the dirt floor of their basement. I don't know what to do with all of their wood and metal printing blocks.

He was a buddy of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, camped with them and helped develop the first electrical systems for the auto industry.

Some of the pieces we got were experimental and never went into production.

I'm fortunate to have won at another auction (Bradford Electric of East St. Louis), a complete working winding machine of Chapman's.  I see many of his motor vices in use by some of our members. 

One day while visiting, the phone rang and the then owner was asked by someone from the Middle East for a part that had finally worn out. This rarely happened because they were so heavily overdesigned and made.  I heard him say "we'll ship it tomorrow".

They kept very close records of every machine ever sold, and bought them back and reconditioned them whenever possible.

After Mr. Chapman died his employees, some in their 90's, just kept coming to work until a new buyer was found who was a retired gentleman from Anheuser-Bush.  His son is an artist and had no interest in keeping the company, so it was liquidated.

Sorry for the repetition, but I think I have added a few more memories. I won't bother everyone with a bunch of photos unless someone like Larry wants them.