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 Posted: Thu Jun 11th, 2015 03:55 am
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Steve Stephens

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A lot of fan collectors do not like to see active auctions posted here.  This fan is posted in the general eBay FAN CATEGORY and, as such, it is hard to miss seeing the fan with a simple perusal of the category which takes but a few minutes a day.   It is already clearly posted on eBay and that is where collectors go to buy and see eBay fans.

Posting auctions may help some who might not have seen an item but it also can hurt those collectors who are interested in bidding on the item.  In general, the more bids/bidders on an item and/or the more attention called to the item, the higher the price, on average, will be.  I know that when I am planning to bid on an item I cringe when someone posts it here feeling it might draw more attention and higher bids.  Fortunately not too many do post active auctions.  I feel it is a courtesy to other collectors to not post active auctions.