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 Posted: Thu Jun 11th, 2015 08:49 pm
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Steve Stephens

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Marc Barnes wrote:
So posting it here will not affect price.

I don't think posting it here will affect the price even as an auction. Even if it does, no one will be harmed as a result. It was nice of you to share it. Thanks again. 

No harm done but it very well result in more bidders which can end up with the item finishing at a higher price.  Just add one bidder who is serious and has the bucks and you'll most likely have a higher price..  Maybe no harm is done but there will be disappointments to some or all who plan to bid.   Would you want to add a few more bidders to an item you wanted to win?  Would you walk into the Fanfare Bourse and announce to the guys "hey, I just saw a neat fan on eBay, come on out of the Bourse to my room and let's all bid on it.   NOBODY needs help in finding or seeing a fan on ebay's Electric Fan Category.  They are all there listed in plain sight and anyone who does not see what's listed must not be interested.   I can see posting about a buy it now fan since it can sell so quickly and why not let your friends or club members know about it?  But, for the standard listings on eBay, notification of the auction of a desirable piece will almost always draw more interest and bids.  And that is going to make some people disappointed that the auction was posted for more to see and possibly (probably) costing them more or loosing them the auction.

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