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 Posted: Fri Jun 12th, 2015 12:28 am
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Marc Barnes


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Tom Dreesen wrote: Marc Barnes wrote: Tom Dreesen wrote: Marc,
I have yet to see you post an auction and say, "I am intending to bid on this and I want to let everyone know so you can bid me up."
Sellers just love that free publicity that would cost them $40.  Cha ching!!

Tom, I have and will continue to choose my own method and my own words for sharing auctions that I am interested in, or not interested in, with AFCA members. 

Perhaps as a potential member of the AFCA board, you would find some benefit in reading the AFCA mission and applying it to this issue. Call me crazy, but I think that may actually help. 

It is not the mission of the AFCA to withhold useful information from its members, but to share it. 

That's the beauty and Achilles heel of the English language.  This should cover everything:

Hey that's progress! Not terribly useful from my perspective, but still progress!