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 Posted: Sat Jan 21st, 2017 05:10 pm
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Jesse Sanders


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For what it's worth as a new member(was guest for a little over a year before joining), I would agree that for more common models of course posting every Ebay listing gets much too cluttered.  I check the BST more often than I check Ebay as they are usually out of my price range on Ebay, so I don't have a lot of skin in the game as far as higher or lower prices go there, I prefer local auctions.  However, I also appreciate it when members who know more about the rarity of certain fans I'm still not even familiar with post something that stands out to them even if it isn't their own listing, I can usually safely assume it's worth looking at and if the price is decent enough for them to have posted and made a comment on this unfamiliar fan regarding the fairness or exaggeration of said price, I may bid or buy it now accordingly.  
For the record: I saw the BIN for the original fan in question, there was one when it was initially posted.  BIN's of rare fans that more knowledgeable members don't want for themselves, seem fair to post here for all to judge for themselves.  

Basically, thank you for posting the fan - cool fan - still out of my price range even at $280 or whatever it went for  :P