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 Posted: Mon Sep 18th, 2017 02:46 pm
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Lane Shirey

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Good morning everyone. For anyone looking for Robbie's video link, the post has been deleted as well as the referenced video. It was removed because it contained footage of the inside of our home. 

We opened our home so that everyone attending could take a look at our fans, with the one condition that pics or video of the INSIDE of our home not be posted on the internet/ social media. This was done by signs and an announcement. All we asked for was that anybody taking pictures respect our privacy. 

Apparently that wasn't a clear enough message, so I'll redefine it. please don't post or share pictures of our home anywhere. If you took pics or video, they are approved for your viewing only. Only Chris Harding has permission to share pics for the purpose of the magazine article he is kind enough to write. 

It's ok to post pics of the fans outside and that was always OK. 

Given this situation, Jeanie and I considered not hosting an event next year, but have decided to proceed with the planning with one change- there will be no pictures allowed inside our home going forward. 

I hope that others who took pictures of our collection will exercise proper judgement so that the event can continue in the future. 

Thanks for your understanding. 

Lane and Jeanie

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