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 Posted: Sat Jul 21st, 2018 08:55 pm
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Rob Duffy

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It's official, the holy grail has been found and has arrived! My hunt has officially ended on July 26th, 2021, at 6:32 PM EST.

A collector on one of the Facebook groups notified me about the Ebay auction and the fan was acquired not long after. It has arrived, well packed and fully functional.

I plan to do a full restoration on this one just like the last Chelsea I did and this one will come with me to my new home once I move.

My dad had two of these many years ago and the last time I saw them was some time in 1993. Both of his were in pristine condition and it's an absolute shame they went to waste. I've been looking for this particular model for as long as I can remember and I wasn't able to identify what it was until I joined the AFCA and other related groups. I knew they were made by Chelsea at this point but the model was still unknown as all of the Chelsea fans I have seen from the time I have joined up until recently were the base model. Zach from the old DT forums had a catalog listing the model I have been searching for so I knew they existed. A few years back, while rummaging through old family photos, I finally found a picture just barely containing one of the two we had. The question many of these are there? So far, I have only ever seen three at this point, and two of them are long gone, making this one, as far as my knowledge goes, the only one to exist. Obviously there's likely more out there, but how many? If it took 25+ years to find just one, I can't imagine there are a whole lot of them.

I've spoken to most of the window fan gurus and even they have stated that they have never seen one of these, so that makes it pretty rare in my book, at this given moment. At least until they show up a dime a dozen now that I finally have one. :D

The picture updated below is of the exact fan after some photoshop doctoring to make it look cleaner. The fan will be sent off to get powdercoated shortly.

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