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 Posted: Tue Dec 25th, 2018 04:37 pm
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Don Tener

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David Allen wrote: Duane Burright wrote: That just sucks, and yeah it seems that we have some snakes in the grass here.

One final update on this.

Had a discussion with the other member who tried to buy this fan.  The seller told him differently fabricated stories than he told me. Seller reneged on this deal as well; stating that "he became aware the fan is extremely rare" and has second thoughts about selling it.

So again this is more of a greedy, flaky, and dishonest seller issue than anything else.

Look for it to turn up at "ludicrous" prices in all the usual places in the future.

I still blame the person here who tried to buy it out from under you. If he would have minded his own business the seller would never gotten the idea is was "Rare"!

      So it is the fault of that member that tried to screw you. His bad behavior that lost you that fan and there is no getting around that.