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 Posted: Thu Dec 27th, 2018 11:16 pm
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Austin Ko

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Don Tener wrote: Austin Ko wrote: Ebay seller was in the wrong. No ebay seller should be ending auctions early for any offer. It hurts business and bars people from bidding on your stuff in the future as they dont want to deal with your poor business practices. Also when people send their “best offer” to end the auction early its 99% of the time lower then what the item will sell for as an auction. I actually ignore these people or offer the item for their offer plus a 400 dollar end the auction early fee to mess with them. Also I am pretty sure you can leave a neg for a transaction HE canceled because you have to agree to the cancelation. I would take a closer look. He definetly needs a neg. I’ll probably be blocking the true buyer as well because I am sure he is like the other ebay vultures. The seller did not end it early. He refunded Davids money because someone contacted him after the auction was over, before it was in the mail, and offered him more money.
Then David should be able to leave a big fat negative for that sale. I would have contacted ebay over this. The problem new or dumb sellers dont realize is that ebay does not care at all about the seller. They only care about the customer and will side with them 100% of the time wether they are in the wrong or right. I would contact them about this because you can actually be booted off of ebay for this or at least suspended.