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 Posted: Fri Dec 28th, 2018 04:53 pm
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Don Tener

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Michael Rathberger wrote: Matthew Albach wrote: This happened 2 times different AFCA members This will not keep people
Some will flee of this I think some policy’s need to be placed in to keep the peace between collectors from getting item stolen underneath . Tom is absolutely correct will give AFCA a bad name and feel lack of trust.

My opinion is it has nothing to do with the AFCA -- yet, nor does it tarnish the organization -- yet. It has only to do with a couple of "members" which from reading the posts I gather at least one person knows who they are.


So, if it's that big of a deal -- it's been going on forever BTW -- why harbor the individuals and allow this to become about the AFCA when it's in fact about 2 people in the AFCA who can be summarily dismissed at the boards discretion?

I totally agree. I know who one of the members is. But I do not know who did this particular action. But THEY know who they are.  Maybe the AFCA board should put a rule in place that prohibits this type of action. and if proven, then that member would be banned.  I like that idea!