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 Posted: Fri Dec 28th, 2018 09:28 pm
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George Durbin

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Don Tener wrote: Michael Rathberger wrote: Matthew Albach wrote: This happened 2 times different AFCA members This will not keep people
Some will flee of this I think some policy’s need to be placed in to keep the peace between collectors from getting item stolen underneath . Tom is absolutely correct will give AFCA a bad name and feel lack of trust.

My opinion is it has nothing to do with the AFCA -- yet, nor does it tarnish the organization -- yet. It has only to do with a couple of "members" which from reading the posts I gather at least one person knows who they are.


So, if it's that big of a deal -- it's been going on forever BTW -- why harbor the individuals and allow this to become about the AFCA when it's in fact about 2 people in the AFCA who can be summarily dismissed at the boards discretion?

I totally agree. I know who one of the members is. But I do not know who did this particular action. But THEY know who they are.  Maybe the AFCA board should put a rule in place that prohibits this type of action. and if proven, then that member would be banned.  I like that idea!

While I agree completely with what you say, it would be very unmanageable... Our board works hard at keeping things simple on this forum... As long as names are not mentioned here, we seem to do a good job of outing the wrong doers through pm's  and fan meets... So we are wary of those doing these things...