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 Posted: Sat Dec 29th, 2018 09:26 pm
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George Durbin

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Lawrence Smith wrote: Thanks George, at this time I do not think I would have the correct temperament for that position. Also 2019 I'm going to try & evaluate my collection possibly thinning some out. I have too many & I hate looking at  nice fans in a garage setting.    
Lawrence you can talk to me or any other board member any time you have concerns or questions... I may not have the answer you need but I will try and get it for you... As VP I do not get to vote nor does the President... We do have input in the discussions before things are voted on... Like the government it takes a while to make things happen and that is on purpose so we dont jump into things until they are thought out a bit... I watched President Eisenhower in a speach say getting things down in government is like 2 elephants making love... Its done on a high level, with lots of grunting and groaning and it takes 2 years to get results...