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 Posted: Mon May 27th, 2019 05:36 am
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Fortunately my wife is very skilled with vinyl and has offered to make a batch of numbers for both versions of Emerson, GE BMY / SMY, and R&M. For those of you who patiently waited I apologize it took longer to coordinate this as anticipated. Regardless I am comfortable with all aspects of both the Stencils and Press On Speed Numbers to publicly offer. 

All options have been carefully recreated from original fans photographed under a macro zoom lens and then mapped into a file for cutting . Nothing here is generic. Many hours were involved in creating these

There are two optional application methods offered:

Press On Speed Numbers are strong, durable with a high strength adhesive which will not later lift off. If desired this can be cleared over as illustrated on the sample board above.

Stencils for painting are also available as an alternative and I feel can produce a more original look. These are made from a medium strength adhesive strong enough to lock down for clean edges but easily peeled away exposing a painted profile of the speed number.  An airbrush works best for this option. Paint pens can also be used to fill the stencil or rub n’ buff. Please note that clearing over stenciled numbers will be dependent on the paint compatibility of the clear used. The illustrated example above in silver was Testors enamel which has never failed me under urethane. The stencils are good for 1x use.

Early Emerson
 This is the OFF / 2 speed often found on early ornate bases

Late Emerson
 This is the OFF / 3 speed found on later 29xxx and 71xxx series with a cone base and recessed area under the switch.



Vinyl numbers available in GOLD METALLIC or WHITE
Stencils will be opaque to aid in positioning

Price is $4 each plus $1 for postage. This is very affordable for people wishing to have spare sets for future projects.

Please PM me, text, or email on remainder availability. Going forward I plan to always have the stencils available and press on numbers may be limited in color choices. 

Payments can be made to my wife at:

These are easy to use and instructions will be provided. I can be reached easily to answer any questions.

Thank You.

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