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 Posted: Sat Nov 2nd, 2019 09:48 pm
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Alan Jurisich


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So after a whole lot of Simple Green, WD-40, electrolysis, a hint of Boeshield, electra-lux, and insulating varnish. I'm off to the real electrical work.  I'm ordering my wiring today, new oil wick, grommets, felt, etc. and looking forward to having my first completed fan project.  Ya'll were right, it is a bit addicting.  
I have a few challeneges left however.  I need to bend the cage back to a normal shape the best i can with out breaking more welds than already are broke loose, rebuild the speed coil (which shouldn't be a major issue unless I run out of enameld 24 awg), and repair the busted switch. I'll post some pics below:

I'm using Boeshield to lay down a protective layer on the chassis and cage. It is applied in a spray like WD-40 but hardens into a waxy layer to give long term protection and gives moving parts a low friction surface.  It unsuitable however for lube points like the gear box and oil cup.  I'm currently considering using Kobalt's Air Tool oil, since i have that on hand for oiling.  I believe it's an ISO 100 much like RP's ISO 100 "non-detergent" synthetic oil but i need to confirm that.

Got a good deal of gentle love to inflict on this guy to leverage it back into reasonable shape

A bit of some adhesive and stiff backing should get the switch in good order after some cleaning and maybe a dielectric grease.