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 Posted: Wed Mar 11th, 2020 08:01 am
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1934 - 

Hueglin and Airmaster Corporation's first pedestal circulator, the Art-Deco step-base: 

A brief side-note regarding Airmaster Corporation and their blade designs for early production circulators; it would see by this example that initial production circulators used Leinweber Bros. blades - Image from the Huber Image Archive: 

Later production three wing Airmaster Corporation circulator blades were still designs help by the Leinweber Bro. To see these patents, refer to post 11 of this thread: 

Diehl 1/6th HP motors were procured to power the single and two speed motors: 

And the two-speed motor with it's "tombstone" shaped speed control housing: 

A quote from the man who owned one - "The 5 motor wires exit out that funky rear bell in the center into the junction box. They are pressed against the back of the inside of the junction box and 90 degree out to the power cord and levolier. The Sardine can cap is held in place by tabs inside the junction. Cardboard is behind it and in front. The levolier HAS to be mounted on the rear cover horizontal as to fit in the narrow slot between the cap and the bottom of the junction box. - Image and description courtesy of Russ Huber]
A close-up of the Singer product capacitor used in the two-speed Airmasters. 

Airmaster Corporation begins marketing it's patented five-wing exhaust/ventilation fans. 

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