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 Posted: Mon Jun 8th, 2020 10:39 pm
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Jim Kovar

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Jim Kovar wrote:Wow!,...  what an enticement to the attend
the meet.  :thumbup

Isn't that what we want as an association?
(Personal interaction and fellowship!)  :wondering:

AFCA Mission Statement

The mission of the AFCA is to be an organization for the education and promotion of the understanding of antique electrical and mechanical fans: their history, operation, preservation, collection, and restoration. The AFCA encourages local, regional, and national meetings in order to promote knowledge of the history of antique fans and to promote the knowledge of the science behind the methods of operation of antique electrical and mechanical fans. Further, the AFCA promotes friendship between people who have an interest in learning about the history/collection/preservation of antique fans. The AFCA advances the knowledge of how to preserve, restore, maintain, and collect antique electrical or mechanical fans and encourages the exchange of fans, fan parts, and useful fan information. The AFCA cooperates with other related educational organizations on projects of mutual interest.