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 Posted: Fri Jun 12th, 2020 03:53 pm
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Kim Frank

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And if you're on the fence about attending and you're a cake collector, these will be offered...…

A pair of 1900 stickmounts….The one on the left was restored by ??? and has been in my collection since 2004.....The one on the right is in original condition...**NOTE** This pair of 1900 stickmounts are no longer available..


A pair of 1903 1st variant trunnion and stickmount. On the left is the BTH (British Thomson Huston) 190/220v type AK form C in unrestored condition and on the right a Canadian General Electric (CGE)type AB form C with an older restoration. The stick has been in my collection since 2003 and the trunnion since 2014

These are a pair of CGE trunnion mounts from 1904 on the left and 1905 on the right, both in original untouched condition.*Note* The 1904 is no longer available.

These are a pair of true 1908 trunnion mount fans in original condition. Both are 190/220v and are very late serial numbers.

These are a 16 inch 1906 1st variant CGE trunnion mount and a 1899 type UI form E7 trunnion mount in an unusual voltage  110v 50 cycles. It is in original untouched condition and came out of Buenos Aires Argentina.

So if you're a budding Pancake collector, you can buy one of these as a starter kit or all of them as a pretty fair collection. I'm paring my collection down to one each of all the models offered every year 1894-1908 and these are doubles of those examples. Come see me at the Museum in September, you won't be disappointed....

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