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 Posted: Mon Nov 30th, 2020 09:36 am
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Thought I go ahead and document the process for those who are interested.  I did a very light cleaning...sodium hydroxide....none reactive with metal to dissolve away any hard grimes due to oil/dirt buildup.  Metal does not react with basic solution...what I learn from chemistry.  Then I proceeded to do a light cleaning with soft toothbrush and toothpaste mix with a bit of baking soda (mostly basic/buffer) does not react with metal.  This gave me a better view of the debris...solder that needed to be removed.  The solder needs to be remove from the underside to make a proper press...put pressure against the underside when sandwich to the top plate.  Without removing the solder...this would not put pressure in the crevices to give the front side fine detail.  I proceeded to gently remove the solder using a jewelers file under a magnifying glass.  Still have a bit more to remove.  Also, there is a dent.  This is not noticeable when staring straight down at the badge but is noticeable if tilted....also feels "bumpy" with finger.  I will push this out...thanks Rick for the permission.  While doing this...I felt the badge reminded me of another badge...related?  It just had the same feel...hard to describe.  I have not come across another badge by this company so have no reference.  The tag "J. Stone" does belong to a motor I currently own...wall mount with the switch on the base...belongs to a train?

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