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 Posted: Tue Dec 1st, 2020 04:11 am
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Chris...All this is new to me. I appreciate your advice and will keep that in mind. The badge I fix was bendable by just putting pressure with fingers/thumb. I have no idea what kind of softness is required...thought I ask. On the opposite spectrum...Rick's badge is stiff and hard. I would settle for something in between. Just trying to figure out what is best for home pressing using mediocre hydraulic press...good enough?

William...thank you for the feedback.  Since it is annealed...maybe it is soft enough and will become stiffer once worked on?  I have no experience with this kind of stuff.  I am however excited about the project.  Never occurred to me until Rick asked.  I figured I give it a try.  Worst that can happen is a lose some money but gain some experience and learn something new.  That is how I started making wax molding thanks to Don Tener...I had the silly idea of casting the top cover of the Kidney box out of clear plastic so I can watch the gears rotate...I know...silly....but I get excited by stupid stuff like that.

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