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 Posted: Thu Dec 3rd, 2020 05:32 pm
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Louis Luu


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Chris...I have the option of both bronze and steel.  The reason for using bronze from what I was told is that it is used for casters who want fine detail.  Steel for structural purpose.  Steel is unlike cast iron...ductility and strength is higher but is softer than cast iron?  Cast iron is not ductile but will crack.  This is all I have right now.  I have polished some of the bronze parts just to see what it would look me...looks like opinion.  I have sent Don Tener one of my gearbox...he will most likely polish them and put his gear test them.  I will wait for him to post the photo when polished....I don't have a high end polisher.

Chris A. Campbell wrote: Louis,

What are you using to produce the mold for stamping?

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