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 Posted: Fri Jan 1st, 2021 03:50 am
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Picked up this westinghouse fan from a antique shop up by my grandparents it worked fine until i took it apart to clean... at first the wires fell out of the switch which i resoldered and as I put it back together a tab holding the switch together broke off so im in need of a new switch, Which has been quite difficult to find one would anyone know of one that would work for this fan?

And the other fan was sitting outside my dads barn for 20 something years the cord was gone so i added one works great it did have a speed coil but it was destroyed by rust I painted the base a few months ago(was just rust). This one I know nothing about so would like to know some info on it like a date it was likely made etc. The motor also gets very hot to the touch when running dont know if thats normal

(also I was trying to upload multiple images is that possible if so how?) Edit: nvm i found out how.

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